Our local first responders have such an important job serving the community everyday. When most people run away, these are the men and women that run into danger in the name of public safety.

It was an honor to host a monthly event at our local AT&T retail store in Defiance, Ohio on July 25, 2019. Tiara McMillen, Store Manager is even wearing her FirstNet t-shirt in support of her favorite first responders.

FirstNet is the first and only dedicated mobile communications network

for emergency first responders in the US.

The firefighters caught wind of this event and we are working to create a brand new event just for them. “Hmm, maybe ‘Frappe with a Fireman’ would be a good event name” Tiara said while speaking with Michael McCann, Mayor of Defiance. Either way, AT&T is here to support the people that support our communities every day.

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